Online-player that downloads mp3 for free, downloads playlists as zip and finds music in a large database.
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    What's this?
    This is just a unique online player for mp3s. The simplest and most useful service you've ever used. Everything useful, nothing unnecessary.
    What can I do here?
    You can search for music, listen to it, and download it. You can save here your playlists and share them with your friends.
    Do we have a lot of music?
    A lot of music. And it's getting better every day! If you haven't found your favourite music you can upload it!
    How can I save a set of playlists?
    If you aren't registered yet you can use "My player" link in the upper part of the page. If you're already registered, all playlists are saving automatically. You need just to remember your login and password.
    Should I register?
    A minimal set of essentional features is available withoit signing up. Still, signing up will make your life easier. For example, you won't need to write down any links. Instead you'll be using username and password. Signing up takes just 20 seconds and even will not interrupt currently playing track. Sign up link is located at the top of the page.
    Music is not playing. What should I do?
    A flash player is used for music playback. That means you need to make sure nothing blocks flash for this website. Also it acts strange with Safari Click To Flash and Chrome Flash Block while running on Linux. If you're using these plugins try disabling plugins. If it does not help we'll help you.
    How can I save playlists? How can I download mp3s? Is it free? I have many other questions as well!
    Welcome to FAQ